The mission of the Gretna Public Schools is to, "accept all students unconditionally and maximize their potential," and in order to accomplish this mission statement we will focus on each individual student and his or her own needs.  Thomas Elementary has a rich tradition of high achievement and high expectations and we will continue to create a positive culture by utilizing a transparent sense of communication and implementing proactive strategies for student success.
Not only will our students grow academically, but our job is to help them grow as young people.  The characteristics of respect, responsibility, and safety are key pieces to what we do on a daily basis and we will have high expectations for our students when it comes to these core values.  When the students at Thomas walk out our doors, we want them to be well-rounded in all areas of life and be productive citizens in our community.  We will celebrate their successes, help them through challenges, and allow them to make real-life connections to the world that they are part of.
Our Thomas "community" is family oriented and we want to do everything in our power to work hand in hand with our parents/guardians to establish a teamwork approach to education.  Our open door policy, creates opportunities for parents/guardians to be part of the educational process through our parent/teacher organization (PTO), volunteering, family nights, and much more.  With over 500 students at Thomas, the opportunities for involvement are always present and are always appreciated.  Our PTO has done a phenomenal job of supporting the students and staff at Thomas and has some great plans to continue that tradition.
Each and everyday is an opportunity.  An opportunity to grow, to be challenged, and to maximize the potential for each and every student and we can only do that with the support of our families and community.  Our open door policy allows for questions to be answered, concerns to be heard, and problems to be solved.  We know that with each passing day you will see our mission statement coming to life and our students achieving goals that they never thought possible.  As the principal at Thomas, I am always a phone call or an email away, so please don't hesitate to contact me so that I can help whenever needed.  
Mr. Bret Basye
Principal-Thomas Elementary
(402) 332-5578